Robyn Lynes
The Bahamas
Create legislation that encourages political parties to increase the number of women who are given an opportunity to run for office and promote education in civil society about the importance and benefits of women in leadership.
Monell Williams
CARICOM and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have model legislation that can assist with gender-sensitive drafting of bills.
Gender Based Violence
Kentry Jn Pierre
St Lucia
There are regional and international organizations available to offer support to parliamentarians who are concerned about gender-based political harassment.
Male Allies for Gender Equality
Peter Foster
St Lucia
Men in leadership positions of our parliaments must be allies in these noble and honorable endeavors and must be focused on promoting women’s equal voice and representation in parliament and the decision making that affects our citizens.
Theo Neilly
The CEDAW legislative indicators checklist is a useful tool to consider when drafting or amending legislation.
Gender Based Violence
UnaMay Gordon (CIWiL)
We have to visualize and vocalize the harassment, because sometimes when silence is an option and we choose that option we also participate in the harassment, so we need to call it out.
Volda Lawrence
Provide training to [parliamentary] staff on sex, gender, equality and equity.
Climate Change
Parliamentarians at the 2016 Gathering of the Parliamentary Network on Climate
Encourage citizens’ involvement in the development of legislation and supervision of governmental and parliamentary policies on climate change, particularly by the groups that are most vulnerable to its impacts. Consider gender implications in drafting of legislation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
Climate Change
Tonni Brodber
Many legislators have indicated that the critical links between the impact of climate change, disaster risk resilience and gender aren't always clear. Demonstrating the link clearly and how best to integrate gender into responses will lead to more effective and resilient responses where the potential of all women and men can be best utilized to contribute to a country's sustainable development.