Gender Budgeting
UnaMay Gordon
There needs to be training of budget officers in across all ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs).
Gender Budgeting
Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre
Saint Lucia
In Saint Lucia, the data collected by the Ministry of Gender Affairs is utilized to prepare the budget and utilized by several Members of Parliament.
Gender Budgeting
Jermaine Figueira
The placement of senior women ministers of government in key sectors hence health, housing, social services, and communication to add and implement this important effort in their various ministries and help address the lack of gender-responsive budgeting.
Economic Empowerment
Tonni Brodber
Sustainable economic empowerment is in many ways the lynch pin in addressing all forms of sustainable development including ending violence against women. Tools that demonstrate why and how a gender responsive approach can make economic policy more effective serves the needs of women, men and children.
Beverly Castillo
In developing policies, structures, and codes we should be gender neutral to ensure debate does not shift towards male or female but creates a balance for mutual respect and opportunities for all persons.
Economic Empowerment
Ayanna Webster-Roy
Trinidad and Tobago
Governments should consider placing women in high profile cabinet positions including those responsible for the labour portfolio. In Trinidad and Tobago, for instance, our Minister of Labour is a woman with a background in union activism.
Climate Change
Gale Rigobert
St. Lucia
As a small island developing state we take very seriously our own commitment, our own responsibility to engage in more active public education so that our citizenry can better appreciate climate change, that it is not seen as something abstract, and that there is a greater understanding of our own involvement and participation in meeting our obligations and underscoring what is required of us in the various protocols.
Robyn Lynes
The Bahamas
Create legislation that encourages political parties to increase the number of women who are given an opportunity to run for office and promote education in civil society about the importance and benefits of women in leadership.
Monell Williams
CARICOM and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have model legislation that can assist with gender-sensitive drafting of bills.