Climate Change
Gale Rigobert
St. Lucia
As a small island developing state we take very seriously our own commitment, our own responsibility to engage in more active public education so that our citizenry can better appreciate climate change, that it is not seen as something abstract, and that there is a greater understanding of our own involvement and participation in meeting our obligations and underscoring what is required of us in the various protocols.
Climate Change
Parliamentarians at the 2016 Gathering of the Parliamentary Network on Climate
Encourage citizens’ involvement in the development of legislation and supervision of governmental and parliamentary policies on climate change, particularly by the groups that are most vulnerable to its impacts. Consider gender implications in drafting of legislation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
Climate Change
Tonni Brodber
Many legislators have indicated that the critical links between the impact of climate change, disaster risk resilience and gender aren't always clear. Demonstrating the link clearly and how best to integrate gender into responses will lead to more effective and resilient responses where the potential of all women and men can be best utilized to contribute to a country's sustainable development.